Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Event Recap | #FrenzyPresent Fall 2018

It's been a hot minute since I've been to a #FrenzyPresents event, and now that I'm back in Toronto, I was super excited to be invited to attend! I love bookish events, and getting to see all my friends from the blogger community. I also loved hearing about all the upcoming releases -- Those I knew about and those that were totally surprises to me.

So let's get down to it.

The Social

While I arrived on my own, I very quickly found some friends, and we got situated. And then I got to meet some folks who I had never met before, but who I had Twitter stalked Insta-stalked online for a while. It was so great to put names and faces to online handles! It was also nice to meet some people who I had never met before.

After the event, I went for drinks and dinner with some fellow bloggers and bookish-folk alike, which made for a super great Post-Frenzy and Pre-Birthday dinner for me!

The Covers

Here are all the book covers that the team at HCC Frenzy showed us!


The Books I'm Excited For

Pride by Ibi Zoboi
Out September 18th

A retelling of Pride and Prejudice, featuring an Afro-Latina protagonist, and set in Brooklyn! 

Damsel by Elana K. Arnold
Out October 2nd

A Prince. A Dragon. A Damsel in Distress. Or is she? Pitched as a deconstruction of the patriarchy through fairytales, and filled with horrible people, I'm surprisingly really excited for this

When We Caught Fire by Anna Godberson
Out October 2nd

Historical fiction about a great love triangle, and the great fire of Chicago in the late 1800s. I love high society drama, and while I'm not a huge fan of love triangles, I think this one might be interesting 

A Very Large Expanse of Sea by Tahereh Mafi
Out October 16th

One of my most anticipated for the year! Set in a post 9/11 america, it follows a Muslim teenage breakdancer, and her life, love, and the world around her

The Light Between Worlds by Laura E. Weymouth
Out October 23rd

Pitched as a Post-Narnia-esque story, this follows two sisters, and their lives, after they return from a fantasy world and enter into a post War era.

A Conclusion

I had such a great time at this event, and getting to see the new Harper offices! Thanks to the team at HCC Frenzy for inviting me, and let me know in the comments: Which books are you most excited about?

I leave you with some pictures of my swag bag, and some other pictures of the offices!

Happy Reading!

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