Thursday, 2 March 2017

#FrenzyPresents Spring 2017 | Event Recap

I was so excited to get an invite to what would be my third Frenzy Presents, and I was even more excited when I realized that I could actually make it. I love the Frenzy Presents previews so much, and I always love getting together with my blogger friends and seeing what the community is excited about.

I showed up and immediately spotted Patty from Bookish Wanderlove, who did a double take and practically shouted "Oh my god you're alive!". This was kind of the theme for the day because apparently living in Nova Scotia is like living on a different continent. It was amazing to get to see and embrace Patty, who I first met two years ago at the BlogOntario Meet Up. Then I got to see Joey from Another Afterthought, Nova from Out of Time Book Blog and Shelly from Read Sleep Repeat who are some of my favourite people on the planet. They inspire me to create and to read and I loved getting to see them.

Jesse, Alexa, Patty, Joey, Ri, and I in front of the daisy wall

We headed upstairs to the amazing HarperCollins Canada offices, which I love by the way -- Have I mentioned that? The room we were in was beautifully decorated, with Ramona Blue bunting and lots of lovely spring time decor. There were snacks on snacks on snacks, and I saw Amanda from Brain Books and Brawn, and a few other friends before we got onto the books (Which i'll get to in a minute!).

I also just want to talk about the lovely and kind people I met at this event. I met Tina from Indigo Teen, who was so great to chat with as I finally got to freak out about the Philip Pullman news with someone. I also met Jesse from Books at Dawn, Ri from Hiver et Cafe, and Alexa from Alexa Talks Books. I love getting to chat with other bloggers about what is good and what I need to be catching up on.

Okay, onto the books!

Julie Murphy's newest book is one of my most anticipated for 2017, and I was so excited to get an arc of this in my swag bag! Ramona Blue deals with familial responsibilities, sexuality, and friendships. I am reading this one now and i'm in love with it.
Release Date: May 9th

I had heard about this online and hearing the ladies rave about it made me so excited to read it. It's inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and it follows a girl in the aftermath of her friend being fatally shot by a police officer. It's being called a modern classic and I'm very interested in it.
Out now!

Okay so the Magic in Manhattan series was my shit as a kid. I read those books from waaaay too young an age, but I kind of thought Sarah Mylnowski had fallen off the map, only to learn that she has this new, HILARIOUS sounding book coming out, but that she's been publishing this whole time. I cannot wait to dive into the ARC that I received!
Release Date: July 11th

I've read a bit of Alice Kuipers and i've had mixed feelings but the narration in this seems really interesting. From what i've heard, it's a girl's life split in two, following the way things would have gone had she made different decisions.
Release Date: April 11th

This cover had me swooning from the first second I saw it. The title treatment. The paint dripping. The Mockingjay-esque feel to it. And the plot sounds super interesting. I'm not a huge fantasy person, but the story of twins having to compete for the throne in the wake of their father and older brothers assassination. I'm itching to get into the ARC i've got.
Release Date: June 6th

Another fantasy duology that sounds ah-mazing. It was pitched as a story about sisters, fae, and set in a dark "deliciously corrupt world of the fae and featuring two truly unforgettable heroines." Count me in.
Release Date: April 11th

WHO ELSE IS DYING FOR THIS?? I read This Savage Song over the summer without the knowledge that it was going to be a duology, and I'm so excited to get back to the story of Kate and August and their world of monsters. I want this book yesterday.
Release Date: June 13th

The big gay european road trip in the 1800s. Need I say more?
Release Date: June 27th

I want to thank Suman from HCC Frenzy for inviting me to this event and always being so kind to me. And thanks to the friends I got to see for embracing me after two years, and the friends I made for being so open and lovely. I am so excited for all these books being released this spring and early summer. Now to read them!

Thanks for reading until the end, and i'll see you next time! Happy reading!

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  1. Indigoooooooo come baaaaccck.

    So great to finally meet up and chat with you at an event (circa 2015). I too am excited for Dividing Eden and Gentleman's Guide...both of which I'm hoping to be colourful and well-written worlds that I can just frolic around.