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My Dream Crate | Loot Crate

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I've known about Loot Crate for a long time, and I've even subscribed for a time a few years ago before I moved away for school and all my money suddenly disappeared. But, I was a approached a few weeks ago by the lovely folks at Loot Crate, who asked me to put together my Dream Crate! I was able to choose a theme, and all the items that would go in the box, and I had so much fun with this, you have no idea.

I did a bit of Googling to see what other people were putting together for their Dream Crates, and it might just be the influence that school is having on me, but I decided to make my theme Bibliophilia, or the love of books! So i've put together a ton of bookish goodies  for my Dream Crate! Take a look, and let me know what you would put in your Dream Crate? Or even better, make your own post and link it to me in the comments!

A Poem for Every Night of the Year, edited by Allie Esiri

Okay, I saw this book when I was browsing the Book Depository, and was totally taken by the cover (Seriously, how Instagram worthy is that?)  and I love these kinds of books that are something to be experienced over a longer length of time. I also love poetry, and I think that some poetry isn't always super accessible. And in the same way that Loot Crate introduced me to a ton of new fandoms when I was subscribed, I think that learning about new poets and poems is amazing.

Doctor T. J. Eckleburg by Firuty

This might be one of my favourite things that would be in my Dream Crate, and honestly, I'm thinking about buying it for myself. I love The Great Gatsby, and even if people haven't read it, it is a staple in the American literary canon, and most people have seen the film because hellooooo, Leonardo DiCaprio. In the book the eyes are a symbol for the eyes of God, looking out over the Valley of Ashes, and I love the idea of my tote bag looking out at everyone on campus, or in the produce aisle.

11oz Luna Lovegood Mug by printsmadewithLOVE

I mean, if you're going to ask me to make a nerdy Dream Crate, something Harry Potter has to be included, right? I love Luna, and this is one of my favourite things that she says in the series. I love the colours of the mug, and honestly, I love mugs. I have far too many of them, but I love them none the less, and one more is okay, right?

Postcards from Penguin: 100 Book Jackets in One Box 

I've started a project this year, which is to send more letters to my friends and family. I've had my eye on these postcards since the first time I spotted them and how cool would it be to open this up and go through all of the book titles and see which ones you've read and haven't read? Send a postcard of your friends favourite book to your friend? I love post cards, and the Penguin covers are so clean and nice!

2017 Biblio Calendar

I have this weird love of stationary and calendars and planners, and once I saw the art work in this one, I know I needed to include it in my Dream Crate. I haven't gotten myself a 2017 calendar just yet, but this is one strong contender for me. All the art work is black and white and super clean and minimalistic. Ugh, it's gorgeous 

"Pages" Print 

I don't know if you can tell, but I love these prints from Obvious State. This one is one from one of my favourite Shakespeare plays, the Tempest. It's also got the beautiful image of the open book, leading to the sinking ship and Prospero's island. It's such a beautiful piece of art, and I can imagine any bibliophile loving this.

Thanks so much to Loot Crate for reaching out to me to make this post! I had such a great time! Let me know what your dream Loot Crate theme would be, or what you would include in a biblio-themed box? Thanks for reading, and i'll see you soon!

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