Wednesday, 13 April 2016

2016 Winter Semester Recap

So here we are. At the end of my 2nd semester. I'm halfway done university and i'm only freaking out a little bit! Anyway, I made a first impressions post on my classes back in January, so I thought i'd follow that up with a semester recap!

Intermediate German - GERM 2000X/Y
German was a whirlwind of emotions this year. I was torn between loving my class because I love learning the language, and rueing the day I ever took it, because man, I am bad at languages. My teacher was incredibly patient with me and my resistance to the German Grammar, and I thank her for that. But we'll have to see if I go back for another year.

Shakespeare - ENGL 2214 X/Y
By far my favourite class that i've ever taken. My Prof made the class so much fun, and made all of the plays super accessible. Not to mention how hilarious our lectures were. I actually loved his class so much that i'm taking a summer class with him in a few weeks. Loved it.

American Literature - ENGL 2003
I was really excited about this class, and I was not disappointed. I have read a good amount of the American Literature canon, but I was able to read so much more, and learn about the different style and generations. We started with the founding documents, meaning yes, we read Common Sense by Thomas Paine,

and we read all the way up until the 1950s, where we finished with the epic Howl by Allen Ginsberg. I loved that poem, and this class, and I cannot wait to take another class with this professor.

Close Reading - ENGL 3000
This class was one of the most interesting ones i've ever taken. I learned so much grammar and rhetoric and it's insane how that knowledge can change your reading and consuming. It was difficult to do well, and it required you to go through ever text with a fine tooth comb, but it was so rewarding.

Paris in the 19th Century - HIST 20
This class was maybe my biggest mistake. My teacher made this class so inaccessible to non history students, and bombarded the entire class with tangent after tangent, and then tested us on things she never talked about. The class was overwhelming in the worst sense of the word, and i'm super disappointed. I really wanted to love the class, but combine the teacher with the fact that the majority of her slide info came from Wikipedia? I was not too happy.

So that was my second semester! I just finished exams yesterday, and am looking forward to spending my summer in Halifax! How were your classes this year? Let me know, and happy reading!

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