Monday, 11 January 2016

First Impressions of My University Classes: Winter 2016

Ah, second semester of second year. The time when I begin to panic about my degree and credentials and resume and the fact that i'm almost halfway through university. But, even with all the panic, this semester is going to be incredible. Besides the fact that I have an amazing support group, I get to edit and publish my first thing this term, and get to hang around with all my friends on the Dalhousie English Society, I have a course load that I'm really excited for.

So, just quickly, for those of you that don't know, I'm in my second year studying English and German at Dalhousie University in Eastern Canada. Almost all Dal English classes are literature focused, so I get to do a ton of readings and get to study some really cool topics - like I took a Literature and Propaganda course last semester. So cool.

Moving on, here are my first impressions of my courses!

Intermediate German - GERM 2000X/Y
This is my second semester of German, as it's a full year course. I'm really enjoying learning the language, but I'm still not very good at it. I have a crap memory in general, and I can barely write and speak coherently in English, so a second language is a bit tough. But, my teacher is incredible and is really pushing for me to succeed, so I have faith.

Shakespeare - ENGL 2214 X/Y
Again, second semester of this class as well. My prof was originally my TA, but has now taken over the class, and he's golden. His lectures are so wonderfully crafted and you can tell that he cares about Shakespeare. We're starting off this semester with King Lear, and then go onto Timon of Athens, which he did his PhD thesis on, so it should be fun! I'm looking forward to reading stuff from the later half of Shakespeare's career!

American Literature - ENGL 2003
This is one of two survey courses I have to take in my second year. I took Canadian Literature last semester and I loved it. My teacher, Erin Wunker (who's an editor and founder at Hook and Eye and Chair of the Board of Canadian Women in the Literary Arts. So cool) made Can.Lit. super interesting and accessible and i'm hoping that my teacher for Am.Lit. will be able to do the same. We start off reading the 'Founding Documents', like the Declaration of Independence, and Common Sense by Thomas Paine (and if you're now singing Hamilton, we are the same person and you need to message me on Twitter). The syllabus seems like it covers a huge amount of time, and we focus mostly on poetry, which I'm excited for!

Close Reading - ENGL 3000

Another required course for my major. It's also my first third year class, which has me both excited and terrified. The class is focused on the formalistic approach to literature, so we're close reading a lot of poetry, some short stories, a few novels, and a play. It's a really odd class, and I can tell that it's going to be a lot of hard work. My reading list is absolutely nuts and the essays look like they might kill me, but i'm hopeful. Nothing good comes easy and all that jazz, right?

Paris in the 19th Century - HIST 2042

This is my first history class in 5 years, so i'm just the slightest bit terrified. But it's paris in the 1800's. I mean, the art! The culture! The architecture! The revolution! (Les Mis playing in the background). No but seriously, I love Paris. And I'm excited to learn about it. My teacher seems really passionate, and save for the pretentious guy who scoffed at my major (HE SCOFFED), i'm excited. 

So those are my classes for the semester! I don't get to read a ton of books, but I get to read a lot of poems and short stories and criticism so yay? We'll see how this goes. What classes are you taking? I want to know!

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