Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Top Ten Books That Would Be On My Syllabus If I Taught Magical Realism 101

This topic is making me so excited for school! All my booklists have come out and I get to take classes on literature and propaganda and multiculturalism and diversity and Canadian lit and I'M SO EXCITED! And if my school offered a class on Magical Realism, you bet your ass i'd be there in a heartbeat, because magical realism is my jam. So, here is my mock syllabus!

Incredible symbolism, and uses magic as a metaphor for the unknown. Top notch, but not Allen's best.

Disscusses age in relation to magic, and contrasts Kate and her daughter, Devin, and their experiences with the magic of the lake. Again, not her best, but still incredible.

One of my favourites. Very atmospheric, and the setting becomes its own character. Della Lee fills the archetype of the Fairy Godmother very well.

My absolute favourite. Questions where magic is connected to certain people, situations, or places. Magic is held within small items or sentiments. Beautiful writing.

My second favourite, but Allen's best. Combines characters who are both believers and nay-sayers, and the mix is interesting. Magical atmosphere.

An interesting progression from Magical Realism/Urban Magicality into Fantasy.

A magical circumstance in a world where magic does not exist in excess. And interesting look at the 'normal' people and how they come to understand and view it.

Brights to light the negatives of being magical in an urban setting.

Interesting type of magic and seeing the parallels between the magical hierarchies and the urban realistic ones.

I mean, come on. This series not only raised a generation, but grew as its audience did. While the first book deals with magic almost exclusively, the story develops, and other aspects are added, until the audience understands the core themes of the story.

Thanks for reading guys! Leave you TTT down below!
Happy Reading!

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