Sunday, 5 July 2015

If We Were Having Coffee - July 2015

This is a post where I catch up with you guys about everything in my life! Thanks for reading!

I'd tell you guys about how great this last week has been. I've been up at the cottage all week, and it's been amazing. I was a bit hesitant to take a week off work, but i've just had such a great time up here. I've gotten so much reading done, and while that's all good and well, i've gotten to catch up on some sleep. I've been so exhausted recently, and it's just been so nice getting to relax and do things on my own time, rather than someone else's.

I'd tell you that I haven't bought a book since January. I. Know. It's crazy to think about, and it's even crazier to think about all the incredible books that have released since then, but to be honest? I don't miss it. I find it way less stressful to have a TBR of 3 or 5 books, than one of 20-25! This experience has also allowed me to look at my spending habits of the past few years that i've been blogging. There have been so many books that I just didn't need, and probably didn't even want. These last 6 months have taught me a lot about my buying habits, and I don't think i'll fall down that worm hole again any time soon!

I'd tell you guys that I'm going to the Ontario Blog Squad Book Blogger Meetup in a few weeks! I'm so excited to hang around some fellow bloggers, and hopefully meet some new friends, and get to eat some great food! If you're going, tweet me! 

I'd tell you that I started a new Instagram for my Planning spreads, and i'm using my real name. It's really surreal, to have my name used on the internet. I won't be posting about it at all here, but you guys can follow my new account here. I'm using an Erin Condren Life Planner, and it's like my favourite thing on the planet <3 

I'd tell you that I love you guys. And that this year has been a bit crazy, and my blog has suffered for it. But thanks for sticking around. 

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