Friday, 3 October 2014

ARC Review: The Dolls by Kiki Sullivan

Book: The Dolls

Author: Kiki Sullivan

Release Date: September 2nd, 2014 - Out Now!

Publisher: Balzer and Bray

Pages: 384 Pages

Format: ARC

Source: An advanced copy was provided from the publisher in exchange for an honest review - Thanks HCC Frenzy!

Where to Buy: Chapters Indigo, Amazon CA, The Book Depository

Goodreads Summary

Eveny Cheval just moved back to Louisiana after spending her childhood in New York with her aunt Bea. Eveny hasn’t seen her hometown since her mother’s suicide fourteen years ago, and her memories couldn’t have prepared her for what she encounters. Because pristine, perfectly manicured Carrefour has a dark side full of intrigue, betrayal, and lies—and Eveny quickly finds herself at the center of it all.

Enter Peregrine Marceau, Chloe St. Pierre, and their group of rich, sexy friends known as the Dolls. From sipping champagne at lunch to hooking up with the hottest boys, Peregrine and Chloe have everything—including an explanation for what’s going on in Carrefour. And Eveny doesn’t trust them one bit.

But after murder strikes and Eveny discovers that everything she believes about herself, her family, and her life is a lie, she must turn to the Dolls for answers. Something’s wrong in paradise, and it’s up to Eveny, Chloe, and Peregrine to save Carrefour and make it right.

My Review

One of my favourite settings for books is the deep south. I've always found something so magical and haunting about the south, especially the Carolinas, Georgia, and Louisiana. Thats why when I found out that The Dolls is witchcraft and voodoo in the deep south, I fell in love with the concept, and knew I had to request this one.

This book was so much fun. From the great characters, to the well sculpted magic, to the AMAZING setting, this book was a win. It seems like everything just clicked together so nicely that while reading it, I was just kind of swept away. I was totally engrossed in this book, and just wanted it to keep going. I saw it play out in my head as a movie and I was super excited about that.

Eveny, the main character, is a smart, sassy, and strong willed southern sweetheart. She has an amazing moral compass and I really related to her. With her being raised outside of Carrefour, she has this understanding of the outside world that no one else seems to have. This allows her to see the wrongdoings in Carrefour, and she feels an obligation to the city, and to herself, to make it right.

I was reading The Dolls at probably the most inopportune time, because I was moving into my dorm, and going through Orientation Week and my first week of classes, so I didn't have much time to really read. But whenever I found time to pick this book up, I was totally sucked in again. The pacing is so quick, but I never felt lost at any moment. I really loved it for that.

The ending wasn't great though. I feel as though it was forced, setting it up for a possible sequel, which kind of rattled me. I wanted a really good, gothic and witchy stand alone. And I hope it stays that way.

4.5/5 stars.

Have you guys read The Dolls yet? If you have, what did you think? If not, why not?! It's out now, so you should all pick it up! Also, its a paperback original, so it's nice to your wallet ;). Alright guys, see you need time!

Happy reading!


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