Friday, 2 May 2014

ARC Review: Unspeakable by Caroline Pignat

Book: Unspeakable

Author: Caroline Pignat

Publisher: Razorbill Canada

Pages: 288 Pages

Format: Advanced Readers Copy

Source: Picked up at the Penguin Booth at OLA2014. Thanks to the ladies that recommended it to me!

Publication Date: May 6th - Paperback Original

Where to Buy: Amazon CAChapters Indigo

Goodreads Summary

On her first voyage as a stewardess aboard the Empress of Ireland, Ellie is drawn to the solitary fire stoker who stands by the ship’s rail late at night, often writing in a journal.

Jim. Ellie finds it hard to think of his name now. After their wonderful time in Quebec City, that awful night happened. The screams, the bodies, the frigid waters … she tries hard to tell herself that he survived, but it’s hard to believe when so many didn’t. So when Wyatt Steele, journalist atThe New York Times asks her for her story, Ellie refuses. But when he shows her Jim’s journal, she jumps at the chance to be able to read it herself, to find some trace of the man she had fallen in love with, or perhaps a clue to what happened to him. There’s only one catch: she will have to tell her story to Steele and he’ll “pay” her by giving her the journal, one page at a time.

My Review

I don't read enough historical fiction. I love the genre, and all of it's subgenres, but I don't read enough of it, and I don't know why. The last few historical fiction books I read were incredible, and I'm so glad that I let the ladies from Penguin convince me into taking Unspeakable at the OLA14 Super Conference. I went into this book expecting a lot, and I was really happy with what came out of it!

First off, I love Canadian lit. I don't know why, but Canadian lit is always so well written, and I think that it's because of the fact that only the best of the best gets mainstream attention and is published internationally. I always find myself captivated in the story, and these authors, Caroline Pignat in particular, make sure that I am captivated all the way through. But even though I was captivated, there were still a few parts that were a bit slow, but once I pushed through those bits, it was back to the great pacing and suspense.

Speaking of being captivated, Girl knows how to write suspense. I was seriously on my toes the entire novel, trying to figure out how it would end, and how everything would play out, and I just flew threw this because of it. Her writing was never superficial or cliched, and it was just so much fun to be so engaged in a book.

The characters of Ellie and Jim were incredibly well crafted. Within the first couple chapters of reading, I had this great understanding of who they were, and I was ready to get to know how they got to where they are now. They were such interesting characters to read about and their relationship with each other and with the other people in their lives were so fascinating and I just found myself wanting to know more and more about who Jim and Ellie really were and how they were going to end up.

Overall, I had such an amazing time reading Unspeakable. It's fast paced, fun, and the characters are ones that are not easily forgotten. This book goes on sale in May, and you would be a fool not to pick it up then.

4.5/5 stars.


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