Monday, 14 April 2014

How I Buy Books

I'm a student with a part time job. That means that I have money to buy books, but in order to keep up with my reading, I have to buy the most books I can with the money I have. This often means that I only buy my books online because I get a discount, going from Chapters Indigo, to Amazon, to The Book Depository, seeing where I can buy my books the cheapest. You can also see me scowering the web for coupon codes or discounts. I've actually set up some loose guide lines for my book buying.

Stick to the budget! 
This is a rule that a lot of people have, and I understand why. At the beginning of each month, I set aside money that I can spend on fun things for the rest of the month. That includes going to the movies, or going to lunch with friends. 

Buy books at the end of the month
This way, I know how much I want to spend on books, and spend in other places accordingly.

ALWAYS check the bargain bins 
Amazon and Chapters have really great bargain books, and It's nice to get 3 books for 15$ instead of one book.

Don't just buy a book for owning it 
All the books I buy are carefully selected. I read reviews, I look at ratings, I read multiple synopsis of it. An example of this was that I was planning on buying Savage by Alexandra Duncan. I read some reviews on Goodreads and found out that there was a love triangle. I try to stay away from those because they always piss me off. So it went out of my basket. I might buy it in paperback, or get it from the library, but I didn't want to buy it in hardcover.

Only buy hardcovers that are 300 pages or more 
This is a weird rule, I admit it. But I feel like, when buying a hardcover, I want to get what I pay for. This is a weird rule because some of my favourite books are hardcover and under 300 pages (Two Boys Kissing, Paradox of Vertical Flight, etc). I try to stick with this, but sometimes I splurge. 

Do you guys put any limitations on your book buying? What are they? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!


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