Saturday, 4 January 2014

My 2014 Reading and Blogging Resolutions - #NYW14 Day 4

A New Year means a chance to change my habits. So here's what I hope to change and accomplish in the new year!


(1) Read 74 books
I started the year off thinking that I was going to read 80 books, but quickly reassessed that and made a change. I changed it to read 73 books (one more than 2012). Even though I read 76 in 2013, I instead wanted to challenge myself to read 74 because I don't know what the new year brings for me in terms of University. So 74 books sounds good in my opinion, but really, i'll be aiming for 77.

(2) Read 3 Classics
I read 6 classics this year, which I was pretty proud of. The Thing is, is that, I read all of these for school. Since I'm going to school for English, I can guess i'm going to be reading a lot more. So what I'm really challenging myself to do is to read 3 classics of my choosings and read them for pleasure. I already knew two that I want to read, which are Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, and Animal Farm by George Orwell. Let me know what else I should read!

(3) Read 5 Adult Novels 
I read 6 adult novels this year and loved almost all of them. I want to expand my range of genres and demographics, and I have heard of a few that I really want to read! I want to read the Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen, one of my favorite adult novelists, and Landline by Rainbow Rowell. I also really want to read Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight.

(4) Start and Finish 5 Series
I love reading series, and I'm really bad at starting series and never finishing them. So this year, I want to read 5. I already have planned out most of the series I want to read. I'm going to read the ENTIRE Percy Jackson series, including the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, The Kane Chronicles, and the Heros of Olympus series. I also want to read the Pushing the Limits Series by Katie McGarry. What other series should I read?


(1) Post twice a week
I want to make a schedule for posting. I want to have up either a meme, or a discussion as well as a review. I applaud people who can have up five or six posts a week, because I know that a lot of bloggers have children, and full time jobs, and actual social lives, while my excuse is Tumblr. I want to start getting myself into this new routine so that I can dedicate more time to the blog.

(2) Review Every Book I Read
I read 76 books last year. Now, not including picture books, or school books, I'm going to say I read 65 books. I only reviewed 35 books this year. That's 30 books that I might have loved that didn't get any on the blog. I want to make sure I review every book, giving each one the attention it deserves.

(3) Do More Book Discussions and Personal Posts
I feel like my blog is really one sided, so I want to do more discussion posts. I do my series called Book Banters, but I want to do more of them. Maybe get some other bloggers to do guest Book Banters! I feel like I coul do so much, but i'm not. I also want to do more personal posts, which is pretty self explanatory.

(4) Grow the Blog!
I love my blog, but I feel like I could do so much more with it. I want to gain more followers, and make more of a name for myself here! I'm not sure how I'm going to do that, but who knows what the new year could have in store for me!

What are your New Years Resolutions? Let me know in the comments, and if you've made a post, link me! I'd love to see it!



  1. Ah awesome goals hun!!!! I need to add Do More Book Discussions and Personal Posts to my goals too, I definitely want to try and do more posts that are not just reviews and memes. Great goals hun, i love your blog, added you to the blogs I follow with bloglovin so expect me to be stopping by often !! :)

  2. Series are fun because if they're finished, you can binge read, which I love. If you haven't tried them, all of Richelle Mead's series are great. Everyone reads Vampire Academy, but I also adored her adult Succubus series.