Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Top Ten (6) Things That Make Your Life As A Blogger Easier

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
This one was a little more difficult for me because I don't use that many resources  but alas, here are some.

1. A calendar. My calendar on my iPad is a life saver because I've found that the Blogger scheduling doesn't work. So it tells me when to post and when new books are coming out, or when to send an email off to someone.

2. The Goodreads App. I don't own a computer, but only my iPhone and iPad. This makes using a lot of sites hard. But the Goodreads app is amazing. I use it a lot and I find that interface better than the one on the actual site. Plus, I can scan books into it instead of searching for them.

3. Blogsy. I spent about 5$ on this app and I love it. It's for the iPad and I use it to write out posts, but I can't edit the format on there, so that's a bummer. But either way, it's better than the Blogger App. 

4. My library. I use the library all the time because I am jobless and book buying isn't such a great thing to do when I should be saving for university.

5. My wireless keyboard. Like I said before, my lack of computer makes it hard to live on the internet so my keyboard is a life saver when it comes to writing reviews.

6. My iPad. It's so easy to carry around, and it has everything! My twitter, blog, goodreads, email, and my nook app for when I get bored! Plus Candy Crush :)

And that's all I could really think of! Make sure to leave you TTT posts in the comments so I can learn what im missing out on!


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