Sunday, 27 January 2013

Book Banter: Vacations

Welcome to the second installment of my Book Banter series, where I will discuss little bookish habits, pet peeves, and overall booky things. Today's order of business is vacations and reading.

This year especially, I have been doing a crazy amount of travelling, whether it be road trips to the USA for my brother's baseball tournaments, camp, or when I went to France on my school trip back in October. And now, since my exams are all done, I am headed off to sunny Orlando, Florida for a few days before school starts back up again. A friend, her mum, and I are going to Universal Studios so we can visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter; her first time, my second. 

My friend, like me, is a huge reader, and our conversations on skype, usually lasting up to three hours, are somehow book related. We have been discussing which books to bring, if any at all. I want to bring a few physical books that I've been wanting to get to, but I also have some books on my ereader that would be more accessible and easier to bring. I think I'll end up bringing my nook, just because it's easier, but I don't know yet...

Ugh, why must reading be so difficult! What are your thoughts on this topic? Let me know in the comments below!


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