Friday, 8 June 2012

Interview with Anne Greenwood Brown!

Hello everyone! I got the pleasure of interviewing Anne Greenwood Brown! NOTE: I got this interview in a late night on Tuesday twitter spree... You can find it on my twitter.

So Anne is here to talk a little about her debut novel, LIES BENEATH, which is about a family of murderous mermaids living in Lake Superior. So, without further adieu, here is the interview!

Indigo: What was the inspiration for Lies Beneath?

Anne: It started as a dream. I was writing a contemporary novel set on Lake Superior when I dreamt that the male lead, a ferry boat captain, dove off the rail of the boat into the lake and burst out with a silver tail. I sat up in bed with the first line of the novel already in my head. From there, I sat down to write Lies Beneath.

What was the hardest part of writing the book for you?

The ending. It's always the ending. It takes me forever to get it to a point where I'm happy with it.

Do you ever get writers block? How do you deal with it?
Not really. I'm a big outliner, so I can jump around within the outline and write the parts that I feel like writing that day. For example, if I'm in a bad mood, it's a good day to write some scenes with Maris.

How did you come up with the characters names?
I did some research into water-themed names from lots of different cultures and came up with my favorites. Calder is Welsh. It means "a stream running away from a larger body of water," which fits him perfectly. Maris is Latin for "of the sea." Pavati is Native American for "clear water." Tallulah is Native American for "leaping water."

What was your favorite part of the writing process?

Dialogue - particularly the parts where it's just Calder and Lily talking to each other in the beginning. He's trying to get her to open up, and she's telling him he's creepy and please just go away. ; )

Thanks to Anne for this interview and everyone should go read my Review of Lies Beneath and you should all go and buy her book! It's such an amazing story! You can check her and her book out more at her website!!



  1. Wow what a great interview!!!!!! I totally agree about endings being hard to write because it is so hard to wrap everything up nicely without making it seem rushed or incomplete and I am a big fan of dialogue so I will definitely be checking this book out!

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  2. Great interview! i really like that the author used water names for the "water-based" characters. That's too cool!!

    it's funny that this idea came to her in a dream. I feel like it's a common way of authors these days to create a story. I wish my dream world was more interesting...or I could at least remember what I dream about more. LOL

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  3. I love finding out about the names of the characters! It's usually really interesting. I have this one on my Kobo but I've had to put it off. It sounds good though! Awesome post!