Sunday, 15 April 2012

Book Review! Zel by Donna Jo Napoli

Zel lives with her mother in the mountains in 16th century Switzerland, where they have all they need; each other. But, on one of their few visits to the market, her Mother sees Zel’s future start to unfold and her mother will do unspeakable things to keep her safe, and more importantly, keep her to herself.
I really enjoyed this book. I am a sucker for any fairytale retellings and this just punch me straight through the heart. The character of her mother was a very interesting character. Her ambitions were understandable, but just the way she went to get them were wrong and horrible. I still loved the character, and it was great to hear from both sides of the story.
Zel, on the other hand was fantastic. She, in the begining of the story was beautiful and happy, and as the story progressed started to go insane. What else would she do, being locked in a tower? When she was complaining about her head hurting from her hair, and how much it hurt from when her mother climbed up, i felt like it was so realistic. I loved how she slowly went insane, and she was just a wonderful character. I am, and always have been, intrigued by Rapunzel stories (which explains my love for the Disney movie Tangled (Rapunzel, Mandy Moore AND Alan Menkin?!)), and it was great to read a realistic version.
Konrad was also a great addition to the story. Although their story was tragic, i loved the idea of him searching forever just to find this wonderful girl. I also liked how he was kind of that one thing Zel had to hold onto.
Overall, a fantastic read.
4.5/5 stars.

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