Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Book Discussion! Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares

Book: Sisterhood Everlasting
Author: Ann Brashares
Pages: 349 Pages
Format: Paperback
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I finished Sisterhood Everlasting today! I was a huge fan of the sisterhood novels when they first came out and I was ecstatic to see that there was a new book out! Ten years has past, and the girls have all grown up, but not quite apart. Carmen is an successful actress, living with her fiancee in New York City. Lena is an art teacher in Providence. Bridget is living with Eric, moving house to house to find the best place with the most sun, unable to shake off the restlessness that still lives with her. And Tibby is living with Brian in Australia. Then Tibby reaches out to all of, sending them plane tickets to create a reunion... and that's when everything starts to go wrong.

In the back of the book, there is a discussion guide, so i thought i would answer some question:

Did re-encountering the Sisterhood in their late twenties change your perception of your favorite character? Has your favorite character changed over the course of the series overall? Why do you think she or he has or hasn't?
It didn't change my favorite character, since i never really had one, but i changed the way i looked at each one of them. I saw that Bee wasn't ready to say goodbye to a lot of things, and that her friends really were apart of her. I saw that Lena was trying her hardest to be someone. I saw that Carmen just wanted to be happy, and do what she wanted. These characters have really grown as people, and it really was great to see them all grown up.

Did you expect the pants to come back in this book? Why or why not?
As much as i subconsciously hoped that the pants would come back, im glad they didn't. I kind of had a that was then this is now mindset about it. The whole series concluded in the fourth book, with the girls realizing that the pants weren't the one keeping them together; that they were.

Were you surprised by some of the roads the girls had gone down since the last Sisterhood novel?
I was suprised about the path that Bridget took. She was so head strong about her soccer, and she was so passionate about it, that it really made me think that she would have grown up to be a pro soccer player, and then gone onto be a coach or something. 

What would you do if you were in Tibby’s shoes and knew that you were going to die soon?
I would have done the same thing that Tibby did. Her friends were always the best part of her, in her mind. And why not leave your legacy behind in something, or someone, you're proud of?

All in all, I was so glad to come back to these wonderful characters in a great series ending novel.

5/5 stars :)
See you all soon!

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