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Book Discussion! By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead

Book: By The Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead Author: Julie Anne Peters
This book really struck a chord in me. I like to read about suicide because its never been something that has crossed my mind. I have never felt like the world would be better without me. So reading about it helps me understand and I really find these books moving and beautiful. So instead of a review, i decided to do some discussion prompts found both in the back of the book and at the website mentioned in the book; Here we go:
By the time I was ten I already knew my destiny. By middle school I had a plan for escape, for control. There’s always a way out. All you have to do is take it. (p. 113) Explain how Daelyn sees a “plan of escape” as a plan “for control.”
She sees it as a plan for control because she has a way out of her life, which is really all she wants. She doesn’t want to live anymore, and by taking her own life, she is taking control of her life and doing with it what she wants.
Girls scare me more than boys. Boys are cruel. Girls are mean. (p. 118) Why would girls scare Daelyn more than boys?
Boys will punch you. They will beat you and kick you and hurt you. But physical scars are nothing compared to mental scars. Our society has a fear of what people think of them. They are scared if people dont like them. And girls do exactly that. Call you names, and turn people against you. Words are scary because they can stay inside of you forever. They eat away at you when are vulnerable and stay with you, tormenting you. Boys can cause pain, but girls make you hate yourself, because everyone will look at you and mock you. And its a lot for someone to take on.
Why does Daelyn sign up for the choir? Why does the teacher go along with it so completely?
I think she signed up to feign that she was living her life again. That she was attempting to live, when really, she was just doing it as a mask. And i think the teacher went along with it because They wanted to believe it. They didn’t want to assume the worst, so they pushed it away and just took it that she was trying.
On the “Day of Determination”, Daelyn logs on and answers the final questions; she checks that she has not left anything from her past behind; she looks out the window and sees a man and his dog, and she wishes for Santana to have a dog; then she decides to complete herself. The last line is, With determination and purpose, I head into the light. What do you believe happens on that day?
I believe that she died. She knew what she wanted. She was tormented. Dying for her was like her field. I have a field by my house that when i want to escape the world. Death for her was that place when she would be happy. No one would torment her. No one would make her feel worthless. She went with determination and purpose, because she was ready to not feel worthless anymore. She was ready to go and she did.
Thanks for reading my little prompts on this book. It was a beautiful book, and I feel like i will remember it for a long time. It really got me thinking.
It's such a beautiful book. Definatly 5/5 stars.

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