Monday, 30 April 2012

April Favorites!

Hey everyone and welcome to my April Favourites post! I will be talking about my favorite books, tv shows, movies, and music that i have been reading, watching, and listening to this month! Lets's go!!

Sisterhood Everlasting by Anne Brashares
Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown
Bunheads by Sophie Flack

Television And Movies

Glee Season 3
Waiting for Superman
(A really powerful documentary about the school system. Its on Netflix.)


Animal Love I by Charlene Kaye
Lady Godiva by Alex Day


Thanks guys for reading! I'm currently reading The Selection by Kiera Cass and its really good so far. You guys should all go follow me on twitter, because i tweet lots about high school and books. Okay? Okay. :D
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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Book Review! Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler

Book: Why We Broke Up
Author: Daniel Handler
Pages: 355 Pages
Format: Hardcover

Welcome back to another book review! I heard Robyn Schneider rave about this book, so i put it on hold at my local library.

The story is about Min Green, a film lover, and her short lived, doomed, heartbreaking romance with Ed Slaterton. When they break up, Min decides that she needs to get rid of Ed and move on, and that's what this book is about. It's a letter to Ed, all about the times they had, and why exactly, they broke up. She remembers the stolen sugar, the protractor, the comb, and everything else; from where it started to when it ended. And this is why they broke up.

I had read rave reviews on this book, and after I'd finished it, i understood why. During the middle of the book it just got repetitive. She was talking to Ed about why they broke up, and yes, they were reasons, but it wasn't heart breaking. It was these little things that she didn't like about their relationship. But when it ended, I understood. I realized why they broke up and why it was so heartbreaking.

What really enticed me about this novel was the fact that it was written like a letter. It really was like a letter written from a heartbroken teenager girl to the boy who broke her heart. Daniel Handler was great at really writing it from her perspective. Also, Something else i really enjoyed was the page or two page rants that Min goes on. It really made her more of a believable teenager, going on rants and all that.

What i didn't like, was that there was no character development. I knew who Min and Ed were because they were the epitome of their stereotype. I didn't have feelings for the characters, so i didn't really feel anything when their relationship started to crash and burn. Daniel Handler created a very cliche story of the geek girl and the popular boy and hoped to put a pin on it, and to some extent, yes it did work. But they were cliched, one sided characters.

It was a quick read and a good read, but it didn't live up to the hype, and met none of my expectations.
2.5/5 stars.


In My Mailbox {1}

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first In My Mailbox! I bought some books, and was given some books, and i got one from the library. But, for some reason, Blogger wont let me post the video, so im going to link it below!
This was shot on my iphone, and i know its bad quality, and my voice sounds way different in person, but its there!
Leave a comment below, saying what books you got, and ill see you soon!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Book Review! Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown

Book: Lies Beneath
Author: Anne Greenwood Brown
Pages: 303 Pages
Format: Adobe Digital Reader
Goodreads Link
Thanks to Random House Children's Books for this book in exchange for an honest review.

Hello again! Today is a lovely Friday and this weekend is shaping up to be great! I tried sushi for the first time with my brother today, and I got a 90% on a summitive assignment. And to make this weekend better? I got my first ARC!

I received an email saying that I was given the chance to read a modern day fairy tale called Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown, a YA novel based around a pack of murderous mer-people living in the depths of Lake Superior.

The story is about Calder White, an eighteen year old merman who is tethered to his three sisters. Every spring, when its time to reconvene, they meet in Lake Superior, a deep, very dark lake; a  perfect hide out. But this year was different. Calder's oldest sister calls him back early, because they found him; they found the man who killed their mother. They found Jason Hancock.

The siblings want revenge on Hancock for what he did to their mother all those years ago. So they hatch a plan for Calder to get close to Lily, Hancock's oldest daughter, in order to lure him out onto the water. Calder sets out to seduce her, but things start to spiral out of control and Calder falls in love with Lily. What will this do to their plans, and worse; what will  it do to Calder and Lily

What i enjoyed about this book was that the type of mermaids in it were very different from what people are used to. There are two types of mermaids that I knew about; the Disney/ Hans Christian Anderson kind, and then the kind that were in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Peter Pan. It was a very interesting take on them and it turned out flawless. I also have a spot in my heart for mermaids, so that made me love it even more. :)

Something else was that I was captivated from the first line. It grabbed my attention and didn't let go. It had great pacing and it flowed really well too.

Another thing that kept me captivated was that the characters were believable. Lily was a relatable character.  She really fit her role as an older sister who was protective, and she acted like a teenager. Calder was a different story. From page one, he was a very set character, but when you look at it, Calder had changed so much. I cannot resist good character development, and Calder's was so well done its unbelievable.

Now. Onto the things that I didn't like. And that was nothing. The story was well written, had a wonderful plot and strong protagonists and that kept me captivated the entire time. I was blown away by it and I cannot wait for everyone else to read it. I will be picking this up in hard cover when it comes out. I'm stoked about it!

Overall, It was a privilege to read and I recommend that, on June 12th, when it comes out, everyone should buy this book.

5/5 stars.

See you all soon!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Book Review! Meridienne Drake by Jessica Dragon Cheramie

Book: Meridienne Drake: Secrets of the Truth
Author: Jessica Dragon Cheramie
Pages: 364 Pages
Format: Nook
Goodreads Link

I'm back today for another review! Today's book is Meridienne Drake: Secrets of the Truth by Jessica Dragon Cheramie. First off, I love her name. Just gonna say that.

The story is about a girl name Meridienne Drake, who had just graduated from eighth grade and, as a gift, her parents have decided to send her off to Oregon to spend the summer with family that she had no idea existed. After spending a few days there, she not only meets a cute boy named Will on the beach, but she also learns that the family she had no idea existed is hiding something from her. Something big.

What i really liked about this book is that, it really did have the possibility to be very cliche but it was far from it. It was written well, and there were great characters. I also liked how the secrecy aspect of it wasn't like 'OMG WE BE KEEPIN SECRETS MUHAHAHA', but was kept in a very riddle-esque type way, in which she was always told something, but never really enough. I also am a sucker for dragons, which make an appearance in the book.

There was only one thing that I didnt like about the book and it wasnt about the story or the writing either. It was just the fact that I, myself, believe that I was a little old for this book. I  think that this would be a book that would do well in the preteen community, but I felt like I was a little old.

I would definatly reccomend this to people from the ages of 11 to 14, but It was a great read.

3.5/5 stars for the book, for the sole reason of that it was a bit young, but, for the story i give it 5/5 ( i loved the plot)

Thanks for reading, and i'll see you all soon!


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Top Ten All Time Favourite Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

This is my first time doing this meme and of course it's a hard one; top ten favourite characters! How can i choose 10? Well, i tried and I thought long and hard about these, and here are my favourites!

1. Hazel Grace Lancaster from The Fault in Our Stars
Hazel is definatly one of my favourite characters and has been since i read the first line in TFiOS. She is so strong, and throught the entire book, she is nothing but selfless. She is strong and she doesn't want to hurt anyone by her having cancer. She is a strong person who i absolutly adore. And she is super eloquent. I like that too.

2. Francesca 'Frankie' Waters from Knightly Academy
Let's just say that i have a slight girl crush on Frankie. Not only is she a complete bad ass, but she is smart, witty and just overall perfect. I've been in love with her ever since she first came onto the page in the first Knightly book.
(Seriously, everyone should go read Knightly Academy by Violet Haberdasher. Go. Now)

3. Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games Trilogy
Finnick, to me, is one of the most well written characters in the series. He was at first made out to be just some well trained and attractive guy, but as the story progresses, you learn more about his past with Annie and he is just so fantastic.

4. Bridget Vreeland from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series
She was always one of my favourites, and just her ability to love made me love her even more. The love she had for her family, and the sisterhood, and everyone she met was just so inspiring.

5.Severus Snape from Harry Potter
While reading the books (1-6) i wasnt a fan of him, but since i'm a huge fan of antithesis, I really enjoyed Snapes story. He did everything he did for love, and for me, thats makes him a good guy in my mind.

6. Astara from Bran Hambric
Astara is a great character that makes me really want to have her as a friend. She is so great and really makes me realize what a real friend is. Shes also magical (No, really)

7. Cinna from The Hunger Games
He just made me smile. :) He didn't deserve to die, but he died heroically, which is what a person of his magnitude deserved.

8. Minho from The Maze Runner Series
He became such a leader and was someone whom i could see the Gladers trusting and being a friend with. He really was a great voice of reason in the group.

9.Hannah Ward from Bun Heads
She was commited to what she was doing and she really was faced with a tough situation which she handed well. She was also just plain awesome.

10. Lena Holoway from Delirium
She went against everything she knew because she wanted to learn. She wanted to learn and by doing that, she learned the truth and was able to make her own choices.

Thanks for sticking with me! I hope you guys have had an awesome Tuesday!!


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Book Review! Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender

Book: Bad Girls Don't Die
Author: Katie Alender
Pages: 346
Format: Paperback
Goodreads Link

Hey everyone! I read this book about a month back and never did a review. So here it is!

This book follows the story of Alexis; a pink haired teenager who really has no friends and has a passionate love of film photography. Her little sister, Kasey, has a love of antique dolls. One day, when Kasey and Alexis are home, Kasey starts to get scared, and Alexis tells her a story. And that's when she realizes that her sister isn't who she used to be. She is changing. Her eyes are changing colors, doors open and close behind her, and the stove boils when it is not on.

I really did enjoy reading this book. I have never read a lot of paranormal books, but this was a good one. It was also very mysterious and dark, which i loved. The plot was very  interesting and it was a well written. Also, I really enjoyed the way that Alexis was written. She was a believable character who reading about was really my favorite part of the book.

What i didn't like was that the novel didn't hold a lot of suspense. I was let down because i was hoping for a suspenseful book that kept me on my toes, but i really just kind of floated through the book. I was also disappointed because, the blurb on the back of the novel made it seem that the novel would be more about the dolls (think Chucky {God i love that movie}). Lastly, the romance aspect of the novel was kind of unnecessary and wasn't needed.

Overall, it was a good book, but it didn't really wow me. I will pick up the next book in the series, and will get the third one when it comes out in a few months.

3.5/5 stars

See you guys soon! I will be doing some memes on this blog, like Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and I will also be taking part in Friday's Finest by A Bookful Of Thoughts!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Book Review! Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Book: Delirium
Author: Lauren Oliver
Pages: 329 pages
Format: Nook Book
Goodreads Link

     Hey everyone! Today i'm here with a review on Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I had seen a whole bunch of things online about 'Joining the Resistance" (something that will make sense when you've read the book) so i had to give it a shot. And wow. I'm glad I did.

     This story is about Lena, a seventeen year old girl who lives in a dystopian version of Portland, Oregon. At this time in America, people have come to the conclusion that love is a disease, and that it's something you need to be cured from. You can get the cure when you are 18, and to Lena, it's going to be the best day of her life. She will be safe from 'Amor Deliria Nervosa' or Love, and she won't have to worry about it anymore. Until 95 days before her set date for the cure, something terrible happens; She falls in love.

     I got this book on my nook and I couldn't put it down. I am a huge believer in love, and the fact that Lauren Oliver was able to make me understand why everyone believed that love was a disease really says something. And I think Lena was an amazingly written character. She was flawed, different, and overall well written. The story too was such a great idea. I had never thought about if life was like that and ugh it was just such a great book.

     I would recommend this to anyone and it overall gets 5/5 stars. I was very pleased with this book and I can't wait to read the sequel; Pandemonium. And also, what a beautiful cover! =P

See you all soon!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Book Discussion! Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares

Book: Sisterhood Everlasting
Author: Ann Brashares
Pages: 349 Pages
Format: Paperback
Goodreads Link

I finished Sisterhood Everlasting today! I was a huge fan of the sisterhood novels when they first came out and I was ecstatic to see that there was a new book out! Ten years has past, and the girls have all grown up, but not quite apart. Carmen is an successful actress, living with her fiancee in New York City. Lena is an art teacher in Providence. Bridget is living with Eric, moving house to house to find the best place with the most sun, unable to shake off the restlessness that still lives with her. And Tibby is living with Brian in Australia. Then Tibby reaches out to all of, sending them plane tickets to create a reunion... and that's when everything starts to go wrong.

In the back of the book, there is a discussion guide, so i thought i would answer some question:

Did re-encountering the Sisterhood in their late twenties change your perception of your favorite character? Has your favorite character changed over the course of the series overall? Why do you think she or he has or hasn't?
It didn't change my favorite character, since i never really had one, but i changed the way i looked at each one of them. I saw that Bee wasn't ready to say goodbye to a lot of things, and that her friends really were apart of her. I saw that Lena was trying her hardest to be someone. I saw that Carmen just wanted to be happy, and do what she wanted. These characters have really grown as people, and it really was great to see them all grown up.

Did you expect the pants to come back in this book? Why or why not?
As much as i subconsciously hoped that the pants would come back, im glad they didn't. I kind of had a that was then this is now mindset about it. The whole series concluded in the fourth book, with the girls realizing that the pants weren't the one keeping them together; that they were.

Were you surprised by some of the roads the girls had gone down since the last Sisterhood novel?
I was suprised about the path that Bridget took. She was so head strong about her soccer, and she was so passionate about it, that it really made me think that she would have grown up to be a pro soccer player, and then gone onto be a coach or something. 

What would you do if you were in Tibby’s shoes and knew that you were going to die soon?
I would have done the same thing that Tibby did. Her friends were always the best part of her, in her mind. And why not leave your legacy behind in something, or someone, you're proud of?

All in all, I was so glad to come back to these wonderful characters in a great series ending novel.

5/5 stars :)
See you all soon!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


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Thanks everyone!!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Book Review! The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

I heard about this novel through a John Green video (figures) and I could not be more happy to have picked it up. After coming off of a slightly more depressing book, this cheered me up. I would call this book a 'summer read'. That just means that its a cute little novel that's thoughtful and witty, but really doesn't amount to anything, or make me feel a lot.

In the beginning of the book you meet Hadley. You also learn that her parents are separated and she is on her way to the UK to see her father remarry. Because of an unfortunate turn of events, she misses her flight by four minutes and ends up befriending Oliver, a Brit who is studying in the states. They end up sitting together and learning all about each other. When they lose each other in mess of the airport, Hadley wonders if she will ever see him again.

I really liked the way that Hadley was a little reluctant at first with Oliver. her past was filled with memories of love falling apart and just the fact that she didn't believe it at first really showed something about her character. You are a product of your environment, and she grew up where love didn't really last. That was all she'd ever known. It showed really great character development.

The story in itself is witty and funny and charming and just a great read. But it didn't go the way i hoped it would. I thought that it would take place over a longer period of time and that you would learn a bit about why Hadley fell for Oliver, or learn a little bit more about him. He was kind of a 2D character for me.

Also the cover was pretty <3
Solid 3/5 stars.

Until next time,

Book Review! The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Book: The Fault in Our Stars
The Fault in Our StarsAuthor: John Green
Pages: 313 Pages
Format: Signed hardcover edition
Goodreads Link

Today, I'll be reviewing one of my all time favourite books, The Fault in Our Stars! In John Green's latest novel, we meet Hazel Grace Lancaster, a teenager who was diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer at the age of 14. She was prepared to die, until a medical miracle came along and shrunk her tumor. Fast forward to Hazel at age 16. At one of her cancer support groups she meets a boy - Augustus Waters. Augustus is handsome, in remission, and most importantly, interested in Hazel. This sis the story about Hazel, Augustus, and the small infinite they get to share in this messed up world we call reality.

This, in my opinion, is one of John Green's greatest books. It is a brutally, terribly, darkly, gut-wrenchingly, heart-breakingly beautiful novel that discusses the big questions such as love, existential meaning, and infinite carnality, while still having that wonderful humour that John Green is known for.

I was obsessed with the characters and just the story in general. John Green writes so eloquently and it makes me melt sometimes. He writes lines, like "I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly, then all at once." I just melt.

This book was read in one tear-drenched sitting, and I'm now still thinking about how much you can fall in love with ficional people. Also how much you can miss them. I had never met anyone from the book, but yet, i felt empty in a way when the novel was over. And that is why I enjoy reading so much. This is one book that will never truly leave you.

Today's rating is special: 6/5 Stars. One of the best books ive ever had the joy of reading. And if you don't read this book; you are missing out on Young Adult Fiction at its finest.


Book Discussion! By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead

Book: By The Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead Author: Julie Anne Peters
This book really struck a chord in me. I like to read about suicide because its never been something that has crossed my mind. I have never felt like the world would be better without me. So reading about it helps me understand and I really find these books moving and beautiful. So instead of a review, i decided to do some discussion prompts found both in the back of the book and at the website mentioned in the book; Here we go:
By the time I was ten I already knew my destiny. By middle school I had a plan for escape, for control. There’s always a way out. All you have to do is take it. (p. 113) Explain how Daelyn sees a “plan of escape” as a plan “for control.”
She sees it as a plan for control because she has a way out of her life, which is really all she wants. She doesn’t want to live anymore, and by taking her own life, she is taking control of her life and doing with it what she wants.
Girls scare me more than boys. Boys are cruel. Girls are mean. (p. 118) Why would girls scare Daelyn more than boys?
Boys will punch you. They will beat you and kick you and hurt you. But physical scars are nothing compared to mental scars. Our society has a fear of what people think of them. They are scared if people dont like them. And girls do exactly that. Call you names, and turn people against you. Words are scary because they can stay inside of you forever. They eat away at you when are vulnerable and stay with you, tormenting you. Boys can cause pain, but girls make you hate yourself, because everyone will look at you and mock you. And its a lot for someone to take on.
Why does Daelyn sign up for the choir? Why does the teacher go along with it so completely?
I think she signed up to feign that she was living her life again. That she was attempting to live, when really, she was just doing it as a mask. And i think the teacher went along with it because They wanted to believe it. They didn’t want to assume the worst, so they pushed it away and just took it that she was trying.
On the “Day of Determination”, Daelyn logs on and answers the final questions; she checks that she has not left anything from her past behind; she looks out the window and sees a man and his dog, and she wishes for Santana to have a dog; then she decides to complete herself. The last line is, With determination and purpose, I head into the light. What do you believe happens on that day?
I believe that she died. She knew what she wanted. She was tormented. Dying for her was like her field. I have a field by my house that when i want to escape the world. Death for her was that place when she would be happy. No one would torment her. No one would make her feel worthless. She went with determination and purpose, because she was ready to not feel worthless anymore. She was ready to go and she did.
Thanks for reading my little prompts on this book. It was a beautiful book, and I feel like i will remember it for a long time. It really got me thinking.
It's such a beautiful book. Definatly 5/5 stars.

Until Next time,

Book Review! Zel by Donna Jo Napoli

Zel lives with her mother in the mountains in 16th century Switzerland, where they have all they need; each other. But, on one of their few visits to the market, her Mother sees Zel’s future start to unfold and her mother will do unspeakable things to keep her safe, and more importantly, keep her to herself.
I really enjoyed this book. I am a sucker for any fairytale retellings and this just punch me straight through the heart. The character of her mother was a very interesting character. Her ambitions were understandable, but just the way she went to get them were wrong and horrible. I still loved the character, and it was great to hear from both sides of the story.
Zel, on the other hand was fantastic. She, in the begining of the story was beautiful and happy, and as the story progressed started to go insane. What else would she do, being locked in a tower? When she was complaining about her head hurting from her hair, and how much it hurt from when her mother climbed up, i felt like it was so realistic. I loved how she slowly went insane, and she was just a wonderful character. I am, and always have been, intrigued by Rapunzel stories (which explains my love for the Disney movie Tangled (Rapunzel, Mandy Moore AND Alan Menkin?!)), and it was great to read a realistic version.
Konrad was also a great addition to the story. Although their story was tragic, i loved the idea of him searching forever just to find this wonderful girl. I also liked how he was kind of that one thing Zel had to hold onto.
Overall, a fantastic read.
4.5/5 stars.

Book Review! Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford

This story is about a teenager named Jeff who wakes up in the hospital, surrounded by what he calls nutjobs. He is in the psychiatric ward because of a failed suicide attempt. The novel outlined the 45 days he spent in the hospital.

I'm going to be honest here, I had heard great things about this book but when I picked it up i was completely underwhelmed. I read about 20 chapters in and skimmed the rest. Jeff was really a 2D character who was passive aggressive and annoying and I just didn't enjoy reading this book. Also, another thing I didn't like about this book was the fact that they glossed over how important suicide is. They treated it like a joke and I was turned off by that.

2/5 stars For this one.

Until next time,